Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Expecting luxury at economy prices....

Ok, you have had a drunk puke all over the passenger door of your car and for some reason you didn't get around to cleaning it off until it had time to "bake on". You go to the nearest Chevron to go through one of those automated car washes. Baked on puke, do you choose the Supreme car wash, the Plus or the Economy car wash? This customer choose the Economy car wash, lowest one on the list, and then wanted her money back when it didn't get the window clean. Told her that I couldn't give her her money back, but offered her a new wash. She took it complaining the whole way, mumbling something about coming back again and again until it got clean. After the second wash I guess she decided that it wasn't worth the time and sent her daughter in to get her money back. This is when she explains about the baked on puke, and I explain to her that not only can't I give her the money back, she'll have to talk to the manager in the morning, but also that the Economy wash is meant as a quick wash to get the grime off the car, and you really can't expect it to get something that bad off. Not happy, but they did go get one of the window squeegees and scrubbed it off.

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A Paperback Writer said...

I enjoyed your little puke story.
Do come over to my blog and read my post on "Free at last" and what some idiot who probably is voting for W and vouchers wrote about our treatment of some "poor, extra-attention-needing children." I've blasted them for it, but you need to read it. (I have to vent my anger on someone, so you're getting it.)