Monday, August 11, 2014

Zombiewalk 2014

On my way home from dropping payroll off at Free Wheeler yesterday, I stopped in to Burger King for something to eat.  Right behind me was a couple of girls in ripped clothing and blood all over them.  They explained to the counter person that they were on their way to Liberty Park for The Zombie Walk.

I have no idea what a Zombie Walk is, but I decided to go down to the park to check it out, especially since I had my camera with me.

Well, I still don’t know what it is, I walked around the park for over an hour and didn’t see a single Zombie.

I did see a boat dock in an dry pond (they’re renovating the pond in the park.)

I saw the drum circle that they have there every Sunday.

Which included some serious hula hooping.

I ran into this cute little dog, which took me a minute to realize it wasn’t breathing.  Which is good, since it’s not a real puppy.

But the most amusing part of my time was while waiting to use the restroom.  There was a 20-something guy there keeping his girlfriend company while she waited for one of the two women’s rooms, and something you rarely see: a much longer line for the men’s rooms than for the women’s rooms.  This guy told us that the men’s line was so long because the rooms were occupied by “poopers” and not “pee-ers”.  The wait for the men’s room took at least 15 minutes – his girlfriend had time to go to the bathroom and come out for a bunch of the conversation. 

This guy (the one in the black shirt) started asking people showing up to get in line whether they were a pooper or a pee-er.  It was kind of weird, to say the least, but the reactions were quite amusing.  Nobody seemed to get offended, and one lady even smiled, said “neither”  and showed him the tampon in her hand.  At one point the guy actually got a little embarrassed, when he realized that the people in the stalls could probably hear him referring to them as poopers.

Yeah, it was an interesting afternoon, and I never did see the Zombie Walk.

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Lisa Shafer said...

I'd heard of the zombie walk before.
It's too bad you couldn't find it; think of what great photos you would have had!