Saturday, August 02, 2014


“The Letter” showed up in the mail today.

For those of you who may not know, this basically  marks the end of the summer break.  It’s the letter from the administration that welcomes us back to school, and outlines what we will be doing that week before the students show up.

Wheeee, let the games begin.


Lisa Shafer said...

Words which strike terror into the heart of any teacher, "Staff development." *gasps*

Also, she made a grammatical error in the first sentence; it should end "... for Dusten and me." (You never say "for I." It's always "for me" because the object of a preposition must be in the objective case. This does not change with a compound object. In layman's terms, that means that just because she sticks in the "for Dusten" part does not change the fact that it also means "for me," and NOT "for I."

This is why I have convinced our school's media specialist to let me proofread the school newsletter each month before he posts in online. It makes a school look pretty bad when official items aren't grammatically correct.

Max Sartin said...

And even worse is when "Staff Development" is followed by "(district directed)". We have 2 1/2 days of District Directed Professional Development that first week. Soooooooo looking forward to it.

Lisa Shafer said...

Let me guess: it's scripted. *rolls eyes*
I haven't received my letter yet, but then I've been out of town and won't my mail until Monday. I couldn't even get my staff email for awhile, as it randomly decided I needed to change my password, but it wouldn't let me change it from my iPad.