Sunday, August 31, 2014

Latest Jeep mod.

This weekend I Plasti-dipped the grille of my Wrangler.

Plasti-dip is a spray-on plastic coating for all kinds of purposes.   Automotive do-it-yourselfers use it most often on tire rims to cover scratches or just color them.  But I’ve seen it on hoods, doors, bumpers and once an entire truck.  It covers and protects – the sun won’t fade the paint under it and light scratches are in the Plasti-dip, not the paint. And when you get tired of it, or want to change the color, you can just peel the plastic right off – the paint is as good as it was when covered.

The drawback is that scratches and dings will cause it to start to peel, unless you re-spray the area pretty quickly.

Anyway, I’ve seen white Wranglers with black grilles and liked it a lot.  Not wanting to permanently paint my brand-new grille, I Plasti-dipped it.  What do you think?