Saturday, July 12, 2014

T’was a super moon.

These first three were taken yesterday, with the regular lens, trial run for the real Super Moon.

The rest of the pictures were taken tonight, with the telephoto lens.

The next two are not daylight shots.  That’s the moon right above the mountains, not the sun.


Lisa Shafer said...

Oh wow, Max. These are AMAZING!! You do so very well with sunsets and moons. I am so jealous.
By the way, we need a photo outing. I don't know where, but we need to go someplace and shoot photos.
Doing anything this Wednesday?

Lisa Shafer said...

Great. Now I'm humming this song:

Max Sartin said...

Wednesday afternoon is free for me, maybe sometime around 1?

Lisa Shafer said...

Let's do it!

Max Sartin said...

I'll call ya when I'm done with lunch.

Alexia said...

Brilliant - fantastic shots, Max. Well done!