Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shirley U. Jeste

Somebody lost their rubber chicken at the 7-11 on July 3rd.  Didn’t even get to use it on the 4th.

Granted you may have burned off 100 or so much needed calories walking to the trash can, but why should someone else be responsible for taking care of your baby’s dirty diaper?  Slob!  (Found in the Shopko parking lot in Sugarhouse).

In case you can’t read it, the sign says “Will model for $$$”.  I just think he likes to dance in traffic with a sign because a few months ago, when he was selling his SUV, he was up the street dancing on the corner with a Car For Sale sign.

D’ya think they are serious about keeping strangers off their dirt road?


Lisa Shafer said...

Panhandlers. Never trust 'em. The honest folks who are down on their luck go to the shelter and get help.

Karen S. said...

So that's where my chicken went! Yikes, he really got away! I have to laugh at the funny dancing in the street guy. It seems there were some college students here in Minnesota that stood on corners (mostly freeway exits) and they made a ton of cash, as an experiment.