Saturday, July 26, 2014

Oh, give me a home..

…where the buffalo roam,

and the deer and the antelope play.

Antelope Island, in the Great Salt Lake, although the lake is so low right now that it should be called Antelope Peninsula.

The Great Salt Lake frozen over in the middle of July?

Nope, the lake is way too salty.  Even in the dead of winter here, it wouldn’t even get ice around the edges.  What you see here is just salt left over from evaporating water.

They say the lake is down a full foot from it’s normal level, we’ve been in a drought for a couple years.  All that sand in the above picture is normally covered with water.

I think the maps on my GPS need updating.

More buffalo:

This is how close they get to the road.

The Jeep above the north shore.

The White Rock Beach campgrounds.  Kind of desolate.

A California Gull (the state bird) on a California Prius.

The restaurant at the beach serves Buffalo Burgers.  Had one a few years back, good stuff.

A few shots of some bleached out driftwood I noticed on the side of the causeway.

And finally, something man-made left out there to rust in the salt.

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Karen S. said...

Hey thanks for taking me along on this trip, as your photos put me right smack in the center of it all. Really beautiful out there.