Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why I get on Facebook.

I started my Facebook account as an assignment in one of the technology classes I took for my Master’s Degree.  It lay dormant for a couple years, until the last Presidential election, when I discovered there is a lot of funny stuff being passed around there.  I spend most of my time there scrolling through, looking for things like this and passing it on for my friends and family to see.

But blended into that humor, I also found a source of news.  Now, I take everything I see on Facebook with a grain of salt, so this is only a starting point.  Things like this make me curious and then I look into it further, in this case to find out that Cheerios got slammed for having a commercial with an interracial couple and their mixed-race daughter.  They also decided to continue airing the commercial.

And then there’s my creative/opinionated side.  The beauty of memes is that they are meant to be copied, adjusted, edited and then passed on.  I adjusted this one about Naval Bases and noise to fit our current debate about moving the Utah State Prison.

I also had to adjust this one, because although I agreed wholeheartedly with the basic premise, I felt it had a myopic view of the problem.

So that’s why I like my Facebook account.  For me, it’s a source of humor, information and inspiration for spewing my own opinions.


Karen S. said...

You must be a teacher! Ha! Ha! I totally like all your corrections! Way to go! Especially the last one!

Lisa Shafer said...

I get the same stuff off of Pinterest. Good fun.