Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cat on a hot [tin] roof.

So Friday I rented a kick-ass tiller so that I could finish the ramp in the back yard so I could park two of my old Fords back there. 

A friend of mine and I had plans to get together that evening and when she called I told her “I just need to rearrange the cars and clean up.  then I’ll head right over.”

She just started to laugh.  “I’ve never heard that before: rearranging the cars.”

Anyhow, they’re all rearranged.  Now the area between the house and the garage is obstruction free, and I can get any one of the cars out with moving at most one other vehicle.  And that block is just the Jeep, which is easy to get out of the way.

Tonight, when I was up on the roof getting that last picture, first I noticed the sunset.

And then I had a visitor.  Here’s Denny, right at the peak of my house’s roof, just looking like he wanted to ask “Whatcha doin’”

Yeah, the crazy cat climbed up on the roof just to see what I was doing.  And he’s running around on the roof like it’s solid ground.  Cats.  Go figure.

But, at least I got one project done this summer.  And with only 24 days left until teachers are back at school, my next project had better go quickly.


Lisa Shafer said...

That last pic is great! And I saw a bit of that sunset, too, and thought it looked stunning.
I'm still not quite sure how you get the cars behind. Help me remember: is there no wall in the back end of the carport? Is that how you move vehicles in and out?

Max Sartin said...

You got it. The carport is a drive-through carport. So to get the cars out of the back yard, I just move the Jeep to the side of the house and they come right through.

Lisa Shafer said...

OK, I can picture it now. It was the only way I could think of that it would work.

Max Sartin said...

Yeah, either that or I'd have to go through the neighbor's driveway all the time.