Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blurred Vision

I’ll admit it – I blurred these perfectly sharp pictures just for this theme.  That’s because as soon as I saw the theme I thought “Cool, now I can use some of my school pictures.”  In case you didn’t know, I can get in trouble if I post pictures of students on my blog, especially if the students are in focus and easily identifiable.

So I waded through my school pictures and chose one from each of the schools I taught at, ones with (hopefully) good stories that go with them.

School #1:  In 2001 our school did a service project where we brought a bunch of students up to Midway to help clear part of the track for one of the 2002 Olympic venues.  Here are a few students sitting on the hill relaxing after a day of clearing.

Back then it was common for both boys and girls to bleach their hair, and this picture reminded me of one student who did it himself.  He came to school with his previously brown hair bleached a very white blond.  One spot on the top, back of his head was particularly white, and the hair just fell out onto my finger when I poked at it.  I asked him what he did to bleach is hair.

I poured a bunch of bleach in a bowl, stuck my head in and held it there.  I figured it was done when it started burning.

Uh, more than done.  He ended up having to shave his head completely.  At least it grew back.

School #2: This kid got paid $5 to lick my chalkboard when I called him up to do a problem.  The smearing of chalk all over his face was free.  **This student also drank a 3 month old carton of milk for $7, and was confused why he was feeling nauseous by lunch.

School #3: One of the classes I enjoyed the most was this after-school cooking class at an inner-city middle school.  It was always packed and the kids loved it, and surprisingly they liked cooking “real food” more than desserts.  Several of them proudly told me how they had made our home made chicken noodle soup for their families.

School #4: Another class I really enjoyed teaching was my Psychology classes at the high school.  One of our counselors got her father to bring in his lie-detector machine and we had fun hooking up students to it and asking them (benign) questions.

School #5: A student brought in some Kool-Aid that he had forgotten to put the sugar in.  We spent some time seeing who would dare to try the unsweetened Kool-Aid, and getting pictures of their reactions.

School #6: And finally, a crowd surrounds students competing in a pie eating contest during lunch.


Lisa Shafer said...

Now I feel like I need my contacts adjusted.

Elizabeth Sigalet said...

I love the stories and that there is still a visual to go along with the "protected" individuals

Alexia said...

Funny stories, fuzzy kids. Nice!

Karen S. said...

Oh yeah, you sure aced these, and I feel like my eyes need adjusting too! Their identity is intact as well!

Carmi Levy said...

I loved the vignettes! I'm guessing some of these experiences are hazy enough that the now-grown students would prefer they remain in their blurry past.

You're such a great storyteller!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Those are terrific stories, Max.

Bob Scotney said...

You stories reminded me of a university student who made himself very ill by trying to prove that it was the volume and not alcoholic content that makes you drunk - he drank rather a lot of water.
Great pictures Max, as well.