Friday, July 12, 2013

John Redcorn Syndrome

In the TV series “King of the Hill”, John Redcorn drives a Jeep Wrangler, and every time he pulls up in it the music is blaring loudly. 

Even before the show, I was always amazed at how loud people in those Jeeps would play their music.  With the top off I could hear it over my own stereo.

Now that I have owned a Wrangler through a long stretch of warm weather, I finally understand.  You need it that loud to hear it over the wind and road noise you get in an open Wrangler.

I was on the freeway the other day, I had the music up high enough to hear it like I normally do in all my other vehicles.  When I got off the freeway and came to a stop at a red light, I looked around and thought “That’s a little loud.”

So next time you pull up to an open Wrangler and thing “Geeze dude, turn that down a little bit.”, keep in mind that if they turned it down, they might as well turn it off.  Because as soon as they get moving it’s going to be at the perfect level.

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