Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stealing a scooter from a kid…

I was hanging out with my little brother and his family this evening.  Their two boys (12 and 8) had headed out to go play at the nearby school’s playground, and we decided to see what they were up to.

They were there, with their scooters, just sitting talking.  My brother hijacked one of the scooters and took off around the building.  I, of course, had to hijack the other one and follow him, yelling things like “Pull over, let me see your license.”  Well, at least until a small rock ran right out in front of me and jammed the front wheel.

Picture a husky, 6’-1” 53-year-old flying over the handles, landing flat on his face in front of the scooter.  If anyone around there had their cell phone out. you may get to sometime soon on YouTube.  Now that the physical pain is subdued, and the fractured ego is healing, I can admit it must have looked hilarious.

But it didn’t feel very hilarious at the time.  Just like they say, I can still see it all happening in slow motion.  Especially the part when 3 fingers on my left hand (I’m a leftie) bent a full 90° the wrong way.  I remember thinking they were going to pop right our of their joints.

But alas, I lucked out.  Skinned my knee (it looks glossy because I smeared Neosporin all over it) and simply sprained my fingers. 

Well, I’m off to take my 800mg of ibuprofen and hope it numbs my aching fingers enough to get some sleep.

No wonder none of the pictures on Google showed anyone over 20 riding one of those things.

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Lisa Shafer said...

So, you skinned your knee on the playground? Well, I bet you've done that before -- probably about 45 years ago.
Just think of it as trying to connect with your lost youth.