Sunday, December 23, 2012

“well regulated militia”

I want to thank the people who posted these pictures to Facebook…

…because they opened up the comparison, thereby legitimizing society’s right to treat them similarly.

My response on Facebook:

We don't blame guns for violent acts, but since you started the comparison:
  1. We require cars to be licensed with the state,
  2. we require people to be licensed to drive them,
  3. we require people to carry insurance on them in case they do damage to other people or their property,
  4. we take them away from people who use them inappropriately and/or to harm others or their property,
  5. we impound them if they are stored improperly,
  6. we impose fines and/or criminal sanctions against people who allow unlicensed, underage or irresponsible people access to them.
So, please, let's treat guns like cars.


Lisa Shafer said...

Excellent response. Well done.

Alexia said...

Very well said, Max.