Thursday, December 27, 2012

Missed it by || that much.

Man, I wish someone had told me sooner, I could have been a CCP (Concealed Carry gun Permit) holder by now, for dirt cheap.  And just because I’m a teacher.  I read about it in the Tribune this morning, but here’s KSL’s online article about it.

I actually emailed to get in on it, but by the time I’d read my Trib, the class had just about started.

Yes, you read it right, me taking a CCP class, for free to teachers, and I’d even have paid the $46 to get the actual permit.

Why?  Well, why not?  No, I’d never carry a gun around with me, and certainly never bring one to school.  Hell, I don’t even own a gun, of any sort, and probably never will.  I just want the permit.  Just so I can say I’m licensed to carry.  After all, I live in Utah and they give them out like Tic-Tacs.


Karen S. said...

You should go get one Max! My daughter got hers earlier this year, and it's something I think all of us that work or are in the public like teachers, bankers, coffee shop retailers even, need, just to be on the safe side. I think if more evil people that believe walking into places with guns is safe, let's make them worry about gee I wonder if they are armed? Places that post those signs- about banning guns in their place are perhaps going to wake up when folks stop going there. I wrote Obama about this very thing, right after his talk on TV about the shooting I Newtown. I always said I believe all teachers and folks where we serve the public should have a smoke bomb or something etc. in the cases like this. I also said especially teachers should have at least one window in their classroom, to bust out and flee from. It's sad, but we need protection, and like you, having children in your room, you surely need a good plan of protection for survival!

Lisa Shafer said...

Good one, Max. :)

Karen, my dear, with all due respect, if you spent even ONE DAY teaching junior high, I think you'd understand why it's NOT a good idea for a junior high teacher to have a gun in the classroom.