Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jeep + snow = fun.

We may not have gotten much (or any) snow here in Salt Lake when that storm came through last week, but our cabin did.

My older brother and I went up there today and had a much more successful trip that the previous one, and maiden voyage, with my Jeep.

There was about a foot of snow on the dirt roads up there, and at first we didn’t thin we would make it up the 3 miles to the cabin.  But we decided to give it a go anyway and headed up.  The Jeep did fantastic.  It made it past the Paxman’s, up the S curve and even the rocky S curve, past the F-U tree and fairly easily down the hill, around the corner and up the hill past Don’s fence.   We had some good momentum going so we went right past our gate and made it all the way up to the south end of the property.

Then we decided to try it.  There is a spot on our private road that goes through an open area.  You need to come out of the trees, take a hard left and go up a badly rutted road that generally has more snow that anywhere else.

It took us three tries, blazing a little further up the hill each time, before we made it past and all the way to the cabin.

Success.  It was a challenging drive, but I loved it, which is one of the reasons I wanted a Jeep in the first place.

More snow due this week.  Maybe another try next weekend?

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