Monday, August 15, 2011

Two car shows and a sunset.

A couple of days ago I posted about a British Car Show that I went to.  You probably saw the pictures I took.  Well, I posted that before The Gearheads called me to let me know of a Datsun* Show that evening at the south end of the valley.  Some of you may find this hard to believe, but I went to both car shows.

On the way home I noticed some smoke coming from even further south, so I decided to investigate.  I got a couple good pictures of what is probably a wildfire, unfortunately it looked pretty close to some homes.

The wildfire also made me think “Hmm, ought to be a pretty good sunset tonight”, which is true when we have anything polluting the valley, even natural pollution.  So I went and grabbed my tripod and headed up to the east bench to get some sunset pictures.  Here are the pictures from the second car show, the fire and the sunset.

* For those of you too young to remember the Datsun, they are what you now know as a Nissan.  Sometime in the 80’s Datsun decided to go with their corporate name and for a couple years their cars were badged with Datsun by Nissan, then Nissan with a small Datsun below and finally lost the Datsun name all together.


Karen S. said...

Oh gee Max your sunset is on fire! Awesome shots, as much as Carmi likes red he'll probably go crazy if he sees these! Funny, I do believe you would make 2 or possibly even more car shows in one day if you could! I really like the Mustang Cobra (REALLY) but I'd take that cool little white sports car looking Datsun or even the cool green wagon it really is sharp! Thanks for sharing the day out with you! I had fun!...except was there any cotton candy or hot dogs shared as well?!!!!

Max said...

No cotton candy or even hot dogs, but there was pizza and cheese bread.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Spectacular sunsets -car shows are not my thing and we even have a car museum right here in Griffin that I have never been to.Shame on me huh? your car photo were wonderful too, maybe I need to check out our museum.
Was almost out there for the sunsets myself. Even looked up ticket prices. My daughter has been in Timpanogas Hospital then Utah Valley Hospital over this last week but is now on the mend. Still wish I could go out there to help her recover, but alas my health will not permit that.
Seeing my daughter would have been the best but seeing those mountain sunsets in person sure would be nice- I miss them
Thanks so much for sharing them
Johnina :D

Max said...

Glad you liked the sunsets. Sorry to hear your daughter was in the hospital, and that your health kept you away. Hopefully everything is going to be OK?