Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rough neighborhood.

The flooding in Salt Lake City during the spring of 1983 was certainly rough on the residents and businesses along 13th South.

The road was closed and sand and sandbags were piled all along the sides of the road.

It was rough on drivers, the sand blocked north-south traffic on several of the biggest streets in the city.

Sometimes you had to go 20 blocks out of your way to get to where you were going.

And it certainly was rough on businesses that relied on people stopping in for lunch on the way to their destination.

But leave it to the kids to find the silver lining. 

These one is certainly not having a rough time of it.

You know the drill by now – for many more really good “rough” pictures, click on the banner below.



Bob Scotney said...

A rough way to get people to observe the speed limit. Fine set of pictures of rough conditions for those in the neighbourhood.

Karen S. said...

My oh my that sure is a whole bunch of ROUGH for sure...and far too many places and people saw this just recently...if I didn't know better I'd say the little boy in the yellow swimming trunks looks just like one of my little grandbabies...he even has those same trunks! ..he doesn't appear to be believe it's rough there I'm sure...more like yeah Mommy water!

Little Nell said...

That’s a different take on the theme Max, very clever. Nice set of real-life photos.

Max said...

Bob - Yeah, those pedestrians would have to work hard to get above 30 MPH. Thanks for the chuckle!
Karen - That kid must be in his 30's by now, but it's funny how fashion for the young ones really doesn't change that much.
Nell - Thanks. Glad you liked my take on things.

Alexia said...

Great series of shots, Max. I do feel bad for those poor people who were affected by this... At least it obviously wasn't a cold wintry flood!

Max said...

That's true, it actually was pretty hot. That was one of the causes of the flooding, the weather went from cold and wet to hot and dry very fast, which quickly melted the snow pack in the mountains. Whoosh! The entire summer reserve came down in a matter of weeks.