Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Back in the saddle again.

It’s been a lean (and boring) summer for me not working at the Chevron.  And although the summer is almost over, it was still good to get a text from the manager down there asking if I was interested in getting back on the schedule.

Not having any prospects and needing a part time job if I ever want to get out of debt, I said “gladly.”  I went down there and talked to her, and starting next week I’m back on the schedule.

Ahh, a little bit more weight lifted off the proverbial shoulders.


The English Teacher said...

What brought about the change for them? Did someone quit?
Glad you got the good news, though.

Max said...

Yup. Right before he was about to get canned. That and they discovered that they couldn't keep up with things with the crew cut back as far as they had it. So they created some evening short shifts to help out.

The English Teacher said...

Harder for them, good for you!