Tuesday, August 02, 2011

More red

I was messing around with my telephoto lens in the house under low light conditions.  Why?  Don’t ask, I just wanted to.  I took a picture of a blue model car I had in a bookcase and it looked kind of cool.  So I started taking pictures of the dozen or so other model cars I have strewn around the house, not that I’m a car fanatic or anything.  Halfway through I noticed that about 2/3 of them are red or have a big portion of them that are.  So, here’s the red ones, in their natural habitat, I decided not to move them or the stuff around them for the pictures.   I probably should have dusted them first, but hey, I’m not Mr. Clean or anything.

1950 Associated Food Stores Chevy Pickup, complete with 3 barrels of some round red things in the bed.

Another 1950 Chevy Pickup, not a part of the Associated Food Stores fleet.

1950 Ford Coupe and 1956 Ford Thunderbird.

1967 Volkswagen Bug, came on top of a birthday cake some students brought to me last year. (The yellow thing hanging onto the bug’s front bumper – that’s an origami Yoda a student made for me.)

1999 Ford Mustang Cobra.  Mine was the same year, same color, but it was just a 6 cylindar, not the Cobra.

1956 Ford Sunliner, and it’s interior.

1953 Studebaker Starliner.  Lost it’s headlight in an accident with one of the kittens.  He knocked it off the top of the fridge.

The Chevy Vega.  We had one when I was a teenager, it was “the kid’s car”.  My older brother and I pretty much killed it.


Alexia said...

Oh very very cool, Max! I loved looking at these, especially when I clicked to enlarge them. The Sunliner's the best, I reckon - although I've ALWAYS wanted a VW bug..

Little Nell said...

I have a feeling this theme may run all week. Once we start looking we’ll all find dozens of red objects in our houses and gardens.

Bob Scotney said...

A 'model' post. You have me looking round our house to see what is red. I can't find anything that would fit a collection like yours. (One torch, one stapler, one Rubik cube, one poppy are the things within my eyesight as I type)

Max said...

Alexia - One of the few car's I haven't owned is a VW, and I'd love to have an original bug. Those things were build to last, or at least be cheap to repair.
Nell - That's the truth. You don't seem to notice until something like TP's theme makes you look, and then all of a sudden, red is jumping out from all over the place.
Bob - Love that list, thanks for the chuckle. You never know, though, a set of photos of those things could be interesting.

The English Teacher said...

Cute. I love all those fun things in your house. I always want to pick stuff up and play with it and I sometimes feel like I'm not paying attention to you when we chat because I'm staring at your walls and shelves and such.....
The bug's my favorite. Of course. :)
I didn't realize how many of these were red, though.

Max said...

ET - I could have guessed the bug would be your favorite. And you're welcome to pick stuff up and play with it when you're over here, so when we get together to format things for ya, feel free. I didn't realize how many were red either, until I started looking around just for the red ones for this set.

The English Teacher said...

I'm working on the last few things this week. :)

Max said...


Carmi said...

You have the coolest car model collection. Ever. There are a bunch of them scattered around my company's offices - we build software for the automotive industry - but they don't hold a candle to yours!

Funny how some cars just seem to look better in red. I don't understand why that's the case.

Max said...

Some cars just fit certain colors. Some colors fit just a specific car. Like Orange. Looks great on the original VW Bug, but on anything else it looks wrong.
I lucked out on the car collection. About half of them were given to me by a neighbor whose father passed away and he didn't want them. He was going to just toss them in the trash and I luckily stumbled up at just the right time.