Saturday, August 27, 2011

Commando Cats

The neighbors, an apartment complex, decided to trim my trees that hang over onto their property.  I have no problem with this, and even if I did they are well within their legal rights.  What was annoying was that the left the branches on my property for me to clean up.  Legally they can cut my trees that cross over the property line, but legally they are responsible for the trimmings.

But I just cleaned them up myself anyway.  Dragged them all into a pile in the driveway so I could chop them up and put them in my yard waste bin.

The cats loved this.  All of a sudden they had their own little wild jungle to climb through, hide and attack each other in.

My commando kitties.  And as their jungle dwindled it’s way into the big brown container, they kept looking at me as if to say “Hey?  What’s happening to our playground?”


Alexia said...

They are so darned cute!!! I'm surprised you don't spend all day taking shots of them.

You're right, their markings are very similar to my Sophie's :)

Max said...

Thanks, I think they're pretty cute too. But truth be told, I do take a lot of pictures of them, I just put the especially adorable ones on here.

Lisa Shafer said...

Well, Alan liked me. Denny didn't, though.
But at least this time I didn't get an attack of kitty fever.

I put a kitty pic up on today's post. C'mon over and see -- if you can stand to remember this afternoon, that is.

Max said...

Which is really surprising since Alan is usually the skittish one. But it's good to see Alan warm up to someone other than me.

Karen S. said...

I agree with Alexia, such adorable little brothers they are. I can just imagine how much fun they two brothers Monster and Smoke that are outdoors grounds keepers (although when my son lived here they did live inside) but they became unfriendly with each other and so they are forced to be outdoors....and yes Monster is the more aggressive one! These are just the cutest pictures too Max!

Max said...

Monster and Smoke, great names! Hopefully mine stay friends, it's so fun to watch them play.