Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reason #∑℮π I love teaching Jr. High.

Nutrition is not the reason I get my lunch in the Jr. High lunchroom.  Every now and then I like to go down there to interact with the students in an environment where I don’t need their undivided attention and they can just be themselves.

And there is no better time than during election season, the 3 days we allow the students to campaign for class offices.  Basically, the get to put up a single poster in the lunchroom.  Here’s three of them that I just couldn’t resist sharing. (With the appropriate stuff blurred out to protect the innocent).

And I thought mullets were sooooooo 1980’s (where they should stay!)

If truth in advertising laws applied to political campaigns, that would be EVERY single campaign slogan.

And finally, the one that inspired enough laughter that I got some weird looks from the kids there.

And no, his name is neither Merrill nor Cook.  But then again, maybe that’s where he got the idea?



The English Teacher said...

Merrill Cook. *giggle*

Carmi said...

When I see Jr. High through your lens, I no longer fear for the future. I'd vote for all of these kids if I could. If their personalities are anything like their posters, they'll do just fine, both in office and in life.