Friday, June 18, 2010

Yes, I text now.

text2 I have finally entered the era of texting.  Yes, I know.  I never thought I would either.  But I know too many people who do, and have missed a few family functions because they were all set up by text, so I tried it for a little while (at 20 cents a text) and decided it actually was more convenient at times.  So I hit my “new every two” benchmark (where you get a new phone dirt cheap every 2 years if you renew your contract with Verizon for another 2 years) and decided to add texting to my plan.

My new phone is really cool, the exact same one as the Gearheads both have.  It’s a flip phone, but it flips both vertically and horizontally.  Vertically, as in the picture on the left, the keyboard reads text1like a normal cell phone keyboard, with a few extra keys.  Horizontally, as in the picture on the right, the keyboard is (almost) a standard QWERTY typewriter keyboard.  Granted, the keys are tiny and I have to be careful my big fingers hit the right keys, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to text than the old way.  (Click on the picture if you want a better view of what I’m talking about.)

My new plan includes unlimited texts to and from Verizon customers, and 500 for people who aren’t.  As with my 450 minutes of cell phone time that I have never used more than 50% of (again, cell calls to other Verizon customers don’t count), I really don’t expect to ever use even close to that many texts.  But, then again, never say never.  We’ll see. 

Text to ya soon…



A Paperback Writer said...

Your students will be so proud of you.
I fear I'm a bit of a luddite about texting, but, then again, I have no one to text. I suppose I could text you, but that would be about it. And I barely even use my cell phone because I hardly talk to anyone besides my parents, and I just use the landline for that.
Yeah, definitely a luddite about phones.

The Gearheads said...

It's nice to have you join the texting world. These days I think I text more than call so I will be using it.
And Paperback, you can text me if you wish, though I don't think you have my number. Also, thank you for giving me a chance to use to find luddite, now it makes sense.


Max said...

Hey, I like how you two have started signing Mr. & Mrs. now. I used to have to try to guess which one had done the post from what you said, now I know for sure. (And some of the other readers, who don't know you as well, probably couldn't even guess.)