Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Fridayest Friday of the year.

Tomorrow is the ultimate Friday for teachers in Granite School District – the last day of school for the year.  Yee and ha!

But today was almost as good, for my school and a few others – Lagoon day.  It’s the only time I find it worthwhile to go.  Any other time, you spend $50 to get in, and then, at least for me, feel obligated to ride as many rides as possible to get your money’s worth.  Which is usually about twice as many as I really want to.  But on Lagoon day teachers don’t pay a penny to get in, are given a decent lunch for free, and all we have to do is ride the bus with the students there and back.  Once there Lagoon is responsible for the kids.  So I only ride the rides I want to, and when I’m done, I’m done.

06 So today I was paling (not Palin) around with my favorite two teachers at my school – both brand new teachers, science and history.  We had a blast.  Except for when we rode wicked (see picture).  At the beginning, it goes straight up and then straight down.  Ms. W, the science teacher, as we started up the vertical climb exclaimed “Oh God, NEVER AGAIN!” and repeated the “NEVER AGAIN” throughout the entire ride.  I was laughing hysterically.  Ms. C, the history teacher, was laughing hysterically.  The03 poor kid sitting next to me, on the opposite side of Ms. W, was laughing hysterically.

Then we went to Rattlesnake Rapids.  It was still a little bit cloudy, so going on a ride that got us wet didn’t feel as good as it would have if it had been 100 out, but it was fun nonetheless.  Ms. F, one of our P.E. teachers had the right idea, she dressed 01herself in a clear plastic garbage bag.  Kept her dry, whereas we came out looking like drowned rats.

After that we rode “The Spider”, which was fun, and had a sign warning not to sit on the fence (see picture), which I found funny since it looked quite uncomfortable.02  But, hey, somebody must have sat on it since they found it necessary to warn people not to.

I ran into a bunch of old friends from other schools, and even learned the correct way to eat Funnel Cakes – with just powered sugar and not whipped cream and strawberries, like I ordered it.  Oh well, live and learn.




I ended up riding a total of 5 rides, ate funnel cake and watched Ms. W play a few of the games without winning anything.  Overall a superior day.


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A Paperback Writer said...

I liked Wicked last year with the academic team. And I LOVE the spider. Wonderful thing.
Monday is Lagoon day for the academic team, as the district pays for the whole team to go if we make nationals. Since we make nationals fairly often, I've done this with the team several times. (Hopefully,that rival team we dislike won't be going on the same day.)