Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kindred Spirits

O2I got a call from Paperback Writer the other day.  Her next-door neighbor has a 2 1/2 year old that is already into cars (kind of like me yelling “like daddy’s car” when I was 3).  She asked if it would be Ok for him to come over and see my collection of old LTDs, which I said was ok, of course.  I love any chance to show off my collection, one of the reasons I have them all insured so I can take them to shows.  

So yesterday Writer, mini-me and his mom came over to check out the LTDs.  If you want the story of the whole time, I’ll let you read Writer’s version of it, but let me say I haven’t laughed that hard or that much in a long time.  And his mom loved my house, which I like to show off every bit as much as my cars.



A Paperback Writer said...

Admit it: you liked watching him play with the garage door opener. You know it. ;)
And thanks again for letting us visit. It was my first chance to see car #55 and the wilderness area behind your garage. I was just less excited about the Subaru than O. was -- but at least you knew where the keys were this time.....

Max said...

Oh the whole thing was a blast, and it was funny seeing him get all excited opening and closing the garage door. And if you're referring to the incident at the Moab ariport - I did know where the keys were. They were conveniently locked inside the car.
And finally - if you don't mind, I want to post your comment on my last post.

A Paperback Writer said...

Sure, go ahead. I teach junior high; I make crude comments daily.