Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Don’t forget your ID.


I’m used to having to have the checker clear me when I’m buying NyQuil, especially when I buy more than one bottle.  And there are a lot of other over the counter medications that you’ll get a funny look when buying more than one.  Heck, buy baking soda and aluminum foil at the Chevron and we automatically think “meth head”.

But transmission stop leak?  According to the counter person at Pep Boys, they have a whole bunch of things that they are required to check ID for.  Not because they are used in the making of meth, but because kids like to huff them.  Again I thought “but transmission stop leak?”  Ok, I guess if kids are stupid enough to sniff glue and huff Lysol, then what’s going to stop them from huffing automotive fluids. 

“Hey, you kids.  Get your nose off my engine!”

What is this world coming to?




P.S. – If you want to waste 12 minutes of your life seeing what it would look like driving from the Great Salt Lake to Sugarhouse strapped to the front of my ‘72 LTD, just click here.  And keep in mind, I don’t really drive that fast, I doubled the speed because I figured nobody would spend 30 minutes watching, instead of just almost nobody.

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