Saturday, June 05, 2010

By any other name…

It’s still vandalism you @$$.

I don’t care how purdy, how colorful or even how meaningful it is – graffiti is plain and simple vandalism when it’s on someone else’s property.  period.  It is NOT art.

easle1Yes, I spent a half hour scrubbing some tagging off the pumps at the Chevron today.  Our nice stainless steel bathroom partitions are all scratched up because we have to scrub them clean every now and then.  And we’re in a  “good” neighborhood.  I find tagging ugly and annoying, but short of the gang crap that is the human equivalent of cats spraying their territory, I’m willing to accept graffiti as an art form as long as it’s somewhere it’s wanted.  Let’s face it, if van Gogh had painted his stuff on the side of my house I would have been ticked.  So, don’t claim you’re an artist when you’re nothing but a punk ass vandal, or get some canvas and an easel and earn the title.

On the more fun side of things, there was some sort of major scavenger hunt going on.  We must have had 20 carloads of college kids running in looking for a block of ice and Haagen-Dazs ice cream and cutting each other off in the parking lot.  Made for a busy night, but at least it went by fast, and fortunately without any fender-benders.


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A Paperback Writer said...

Oh, I agree. Some of those commissioned graffiti murals can be quite nice. But the point is that those have been put up on walls where it was approved by the owners.
DaVinci and Michelangelo painted on walls (and ceilings), too, but, like you said, they didn't do it on the neighbors' cinderblock walls without permission. It doesn't matter whether it's any good or not; you can't call vandalism art. Period.
And, as for the busy night, it's a good thing you had a restful day. :)