Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stupid: Can’t always be contained by one car.

There’s a reason I need more than one car around the house.  The same reason as why my little brother has keys to all my cars (he lived next door to me when I started this habit).  Because I do stupid things.  I lock my keys in my car.  While it’s running.  With everything on. In the middle of winter.  In the middle of the night (or first thing in the morning).  I also have the habit of putting repairs off until it’s too late.  Well, I’m not so bad with that anymore, but I used to be.

stupidYesterday I decided it was a Subaru kind of day.  I grab the keys, walk out to the car, hit the little unlock button of the key fob and.. nothing.  Not so much as a bzzzzzz.  Already knowing it’s futile, but not being able to keep myself from trying, I unlock the car (the old fashioned way – with the key) open the door and even though not even the clock is working, I try to start the car.  Nothing. Nada. Niente.  Ziltch.  So I pop open the hood, look at the battery that came with the car, noticed it’s a little old and figured that it just went bad.  (Bad battery, bad battery, whatcha gonna do when they come for you.)   I pull it out, hop in one of the other cars I thankfully have and drive down to Pep boys for a new one.  First of all, when did car batteries start costing nearly a hundred bucks?  Last time I remember buying one it was somewhere around 50.

Price aside, I get home, install the new battery, climb into the car to see if it starts and see, well, look over at the picture.  See that someone left the map light on.  Unfortunately I don’t have any 6 to 9 year olds to blame it on.  Duh.  Well, it’s too late to go back and return the new battery and get the old one back, and it was looking a little old anyhow, so now the Subaru has a brand new battery.  Yea!



The Gearheads said...

Well, next time you find a dead battery you can rent one of my troubles so you can blame him.


Max said...

Does that go for other things that go wrong around the house? Like when I couldn't find the adaptor for my micro-card from the new phone, it would have been nice to blame it's absence on someone else.