Friday, August 28, 2009

Week one, over and out.

…. Well, I survived the first week, exhausted and ready to sleep Saturday away completely. Not only was it week one, but it was elongated by Back to School Night, the evening parents are invited to meet all their student’s teachers. We didn’t have it at either the High School or the Jr. High in the South Salt Lake Area, but at both schools before that we had it the week before the kids showed up. Go figure. Anyway, that meant that Wednesday was a 7AM to 8PM kind of day. Phew!

9th …. No school is 100% perfect, and even though my new school has it’s problems I am really happy that I’m where I’m at. My 8th grade classes are great, I’m having a really good time with them, especially my Advisory class. The one class that is causing problems is (sue-prise, sue-prise) my 9th grade class, and I have them every day instead of every other day. I’ve had to email one parent, am waiting for email addresses for 5 more from the office and have had to bring one student down to the office already. Hopefully once we start working in the computer lab (that’s why we meet twice as often) they will get a little more interested and cause less problems. Hopefully.

…. I’ve figured out which are the fun teachers on the staff and which are the ones to just not joke with. The PE teacher, who is the wife of a guy I worked with before, is hilarious. I walked in while she was making copies, she had the wrong master on the machine, so she pulled it off in the middle of copying, and stuck her hand over it. Got a nice shot of the whole hand, including he thumb ring. So, I asked her for the copy and told her that I was going to put it up on my wall and see if the kids could figure out which teacher it was. Of course i didn’t say anything to the kids, figured I’d just let them discover it. Every time I ran into the PE teacher (which wasn’t more than once a day since she is on the opposite side of the building) she’d ask (with the look and tone of a anxious 6 year old) “have they noticed yet?” Yeah, we’re going to have fun.

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A Paperback Writer said...

Well, good. It sounds like you're having some fun.
In comparison, I've only had to write one e-mail home and rake one other kid up one side and down the other (then he had the same thing happen in math the next period because he smart-mouthed DP also-- duh).
I was also told that because I only have 28 kids who qualify for 9GT this year (since we lost about 6 to a boundary change), I have to take more kids because other 9th grade classes have 42 kids. However, I am allowed to choose the kids, so I'm of course taking the kids who come closest to qualifying for the course.

Jeff said...

The good thing about having the ninth graders every day is that you'll stand a better chance of changing them to your way of teaching than if you just had them every other day. I guess you've got that, at least!

Max said...

Writer - bad mouthing both you and DP? Hmmm, must be new to the school, or he just wants to get in trouble. Good luck with the extra GT kids, at least you do get to hand pick them, that'll help.
Jeff - that's a good way of looking at it, I also have twice the time to cover the material, which will help.

Jannx said...

It seems like you've had a tiring (but good) start. Congratulations.

Max said...

Thanks. Yup, I was a little nervous about dealing with the younger kids before, but after this week, I feel right at home.