Monday, August 24, 2009

Of first days and photo journalism....

.... First day of school is over. Only 177 to go. Every day I have three 8th grade classes and one 9th grade class, which happens to be at the end of the day. I've been out of Jr. High for three years now, but the flow came back pretty quickly, felt like I'd never left. One thing was confirmed, though; 9th graders are better in high school, where there are seniors to tell them to shut it. Had to haul J-cubed (three 9th grade guys whose names all start with J) out into the hall already. I may have a classroom with windows, but they don't open and without air conditioning the class got so bad I brought the entire class to the drinking fountain. Didn't want anyone passing out from heat stroke the first day. Next week, maybe, but not the first day. I told them that they needed to behave, so we didn't disrupt the other overheated classrooms, but J-cubed decided they wanted to roughhouse in the hall, so I quickly headed the class back to the room. When everyone was in their seats I called J-cubed out into the hall and reminded them that, although I don't want to see them melt all over the classroom, I can't have them driving all the teachers that I just met up the wall. J1 says J2 started it, J2 blames it on J3 who blames it back on J2. Um, I don't care who started it. The important part is that I didn't get overwhelmed by the whole thing, and overall I felt perfectly comfortable in all the classes. Like riding a bicycle.
.... I had to go to Home Depot to get some fans for my classroom, sweat was literally dripping into my eyes, and not due to nerves. So I picked up a couple $19.95 fans, tax exempt of course. On the way home I was sitting in the left turn lane at 13th E and 2100 So watching this man panhandling, hobbling up and down the sidewalk on a crutch, showing his sign to cars waiting at the light. Now, I felt a little guilty when I started thinking that the whole thing was a sham. It seemed that he hobbled more when cars were stopped than when the light was green, and for the most part it seems people use a crutch instead of walking on their bad leg, rather than on the other side of their body. But no, I must be hardened by dealing with them at the Chevron, which is on the same corner, and I'd never seen him before. My guilt was alleviated when I saw him lean his crutch up against his bicycle, walk around to the back and get something out of the pack there. Who wants to make bets on whether or not the leg brace is a fake too?

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Jannx said...

I'm glad you made it through the first day with only minor difficulties. I hope your other 177 days go by with a minimum amount of stress....and sweat.

A Paperback Writer said...

This is why I never give to panhandlers but to established help centers, such as The Road HOme, where I know the money goes into bedding and food and such.
I feel for you in the heat and with snotty kids.
I was lucky in that respect: the A day kids were pretty normal, and I do have air conditioning.