Tuesday, August 11, 2009

..and bats in the belfry.

.... Did you know that Granite High has ghosts?  Considering that parts of the building are damn near a hundred years old, I wasn't surpirsed when I first heard the rumors.  With all the students and faculty that went through there, there's no doubt the place is filled with psychological ghosts and moral skeletons in the closets.  But real live ghosts? I went to lunch with the principal and counselor from that last year, and found out that some para-normal group wanted to rent the building overnight so they could attempt to contact the ghosts.  No, I'm serious.  It wasn't for a halloween gag or some sort of fraternity initiation.  They were real live ghost busters.  The principal had to say no, mainly because since the closing they have stopped new rentals until they know what is going to happen to the building.  Which we, the general public at least, still don't know.
.... So, the haunted thing in mind I made this up and sent it to a bunch of the teachers that used to work there, through district mail.
.... I talked to the principal today and she said it made her day.  Yeah, I think I'm gonna keep this going, I even got a new email for it: graniteghosts@gmail.com.  Fun stuff ahead.
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Oh, and if someone from Granite reads this, shhhhhhhhh, mum's the word.

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