Friday, August 14, 2009

Monday + 5 = Thursday?

.... Monday I went up to the hospital to visit my dad. They said everything was looking fine, and he was looking so well that the adrenaline rush calmed down and the worry diminished. Seems he was doing even better than that. He was supposed to be in there for observation for 5 days.
.... I went up there Thursday after my workshop to see how he was doing. I took the elevators up to the 4th floor, opened the doors to the wing he was (supposed to be) in and was surprised to see the whole thing gutted, floor and all. So as I'm standing there trying to figure out if I'm at the right set of doors, trying to remember if there was something on the news about an explosion at the U Hospital, a very nice nurse pointed down a different hall and told me they had moved the entire ward. In two days. It took us 3 months to get our furniture when we moved out to Utah, and here they move patients, nurses, charts, all the other medical paraphenalia, and even the floor, in two days. How things have changed.
.... So, I go down to the new spot looking to say Hi to dad, a friend of mine who is a nurse there is on duty and asks me what brings me by. I tell him and he says "Oh, he left already." Now my brain immediatly jumps to the most common way of leaving the hospital early, so I ask "Are you sure?" He goes back somewhere for a minute, comes back and tells me "Yeah, he went home at 15:30 today."
.... Well dad, I'm glad you're home and feeling better. Seems things must have cleared up a lot faster than expected.
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A Paperback Writer said...

Twilight Zone in the hospital.
Whoa. Freaky day.

Max said...

No kiddin'!

Jo said...

Glad he's okay, but sorry you had to haul yourself up there to be so confused.

Max said...