Thursday, August 06, 2009


.... Contemplate the sign a minute.  Hmmm, if you can pay someone ten to twenty thousand a month to train, why can't you spring $10 for a sign that isn't hand written?  Or how about: In this economy you can pay $10 to $20 thousand a month to train, why do you have to advertise at all?  Shouldn't people be knocking down your door? And if you do have to advertise, why in the median on 21st So. and 13th E.?  Or: if you're going to pay someone $120 to $240 thousand a year to train, shouldn't you have a professional firm screening applicants?  Why can't you afford a professional firm?
.... I'm not even going to venture a guess as to what the scam is, but I'll bet you dollars to donuts that a scam it is.
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* Do people really fall for this shit?


A Paperback Writer said...

Funny, I saw this sign, too, and shook my head.
Usually, there are "lose weight fast" or "single?" signs in that spot. They all seem equally fishy to me. But considering it's just down the street from where all the panhandlers hang out, it does kind of fit in with the neighborhood.

Max said...

Yeah, I've seen the lose weight and single ones too. They seem like they belong on a hand made sign in the middle of the road, whether legit or not.