Monday, January 27, 2014

Dream come true.

I bought a 2014 Jeep Wrangler today.  Well, actually I bought the idea of a 2014 Wrangler today.

I’ve always thought it would be cool to go into a dealership and order a custom-made vehicle.  Have it built specifically for me.

Last Saturday I went to go test drive a new Wrangler, to see if I wanted to get a new one, and I fell in love with the 6-speed manual transmission and the 3-piece hard top that lets you pull off just the part over the front seats, much like the T-tops of the 70’s.

The one we test drove went for $32,000, which ended being out of my payment range.  Without pushing me to go for the vehicle out of my price range, Trevor said he’s look into low mileage used ones, and even see if he could price a build my own that fit into my range,  I told him my requirements (6-speed manual, 3-piece hardtop, 2-door, air conditioning and posi-traction rear end) and he went to work.

He called today and told me that he priced one that would fit my budget, only problem was that it doesn’t have posi-traction.  To get that I’d have to go up a trim level and add a few thousand dollars. 

I went down, talked to him and decided that I could live without the posi-traction.  4 out of 5 ain’t bad.  So all I had to do was pick the color (you guess which color I picked) and sign a ton of papers.

In 6 weeks to 2 months, I’ll be driving a brand new 2014 Jeep Wrangler.  But right now my Jeep is just a bunch of parts hanging out somewhere in Detroit (or wherever they build them) and it doesn’t even have a color.


Lisa Shafer said...

Wow. Select your own car options. Cool! 6 speed manual? Super cool!

Karen S. said...

How wonderful for you Max. When I lived in Lansing, Michigan as a child, my parents ordered three new Olds, that I remember. It was fun, watching them put their order together and later once we came back to pick it up! Fun times.

Carmi Levy said...

I think they come from the big old Willys plant in Toledo. So happy you're getting (close to) what you want. And so glad to see the manual transmission tradition continue, as they're getting harder and harder to find.

Max Sartin said...

No kidding. Half the reason I'm ordering one is that there was very little choice in stock with a manual transmission. Only a handful in the state, and all were high end, or 4 door, and out of my price range. I was going to buy one off the lot, but since I wouldn't budge on what I could afford and the transmission, I had to order one.