Monday, February 03, 2014

Weekend in bed.


Oh, hi.  Sorry I haven’t been around much the last week.  I felt like crap on Thursday, so I called in sick Friday.

Spent all day Friday in bed sleeping.  Got up a few times to put some soup into me, along with some vitamin C and fluids.

Saturday was pretty much the same, except stayed awake long enough to take a really hot bath, hoping to sweat out that cold.

Sunday was much better.  I squeezed 3 loads of laundry in between long bouts of sleeping, and even got in a short walk.

Today I made it to school.  Felt OK until about 5th period.  Came right home after school and planning on having dinner and hitting the sack again.  What an exciting weekend.



Lisa Shafer said...

Well, that explains why you never responded to my question about the East High event. And here I was assuming you were out having fun at the property. Bummer.
I had that weird flu about a month ago. My sympathies.

PS. I have some GREAT Ecider tales to tell you, gleaned from a few folks at the performing arts reunion night.

Max Sartin said...

Can't wait to hear the stories! :)
Yeah, I'm feeling a lot better, but my throat isn't doing so good. Actually had to use the teacher microphone for the students to hear me. Had to borrow one from a teacher that actually bothers to charge it.

Lisa Shafer said...

I have to use that microphone all the time! I get chronic laryngitis without it!