Thursday, February 13, 2014

It’s Official.

Your new vehicle is scheduled for production. Track it on the VOTS!

That was the title of the email I got today.  I clicked on the link which led me to this page:

Yup, somewhere out there are the parts in stock that will become my Jeep.  Yeah, I’m not the slightest bit excited, eh?

Yeah, right.  I did find out that my new Jeep is being built in the same plant in Toledo that produced the Jeeps during WWII.

I also got some comparison data between the Jeep I have and the new one.  The new one has a longer wheelbase even though it’s shorter than the old one.  It’s also a little bit wider but shorter than the old one.

  2000 2014 Difference
Wheelbase 93.4” 95.4” +2”
Length 155.4” 152.8” -2.6”
Width 68.3” 73.7” +5.4”
Height 71.1” 70.9” -0.2”
The waiting is killing me, I’ve never been particularly patient when it comes to vehicles.