Monday, February 10, 2014

Welcome to Monday!

What a way to start a Monday.
In the five minutes before class started, one of my students got a little sick, and threw up on the way to  the counseling center.
Right in front of my classroom door.
We were ten minutes into class before it got all cleaned up, and there were several students outside waiting to come in.
Good day for them if they were late, since I had no idea who had been out there when the bell rang and just didn't want to wade through the puke.

yup, it's a Monday.


Lisa Shafer said...

Well, having a kid throw up outside my door wouldn't be as bad, as I'm in a relo, so the smells would've blown away, and -- if the kid made it to the grass -- clean up wouldn't have been necessary at all.

No, our kids were just BRATS today. Combination short week + weather change + conferences + Valentine's day (the big VD, as we used to call it when that was funny) = normal kids turning into total brats.
I wonder if there's a full moon, as well.....

Lisa Shafer said...

Did you SEE this?!!!

Max Sartin said...

Nice! Just hope it passes.