Friday, January 17, 2014

Um, maybe ya should thought this one through a little bit more?

It was 9th Grade week this week, (8th & 7th are the next two weeks), and we’ve had games (for the 9th graders only) in the commons area every day during lunch.  Thursday’s game involved setting up red plastic cups full of water, having the contestants bounce a ping-pong ball on the table and hopefully into one of the opponent’s cups.

If the ball goes in, the cup gets removed and the player with the last cup left on the table wins.

Pretty innocuous, fun kind of game for a junior high, eh?

Until the kids start asking things like “Aren’t they supposed to chug it when the ball goes in?” or “It’s not supposed to be water in the cups, is it?”

I even had to inform a dozen or so kids that we were playing Water Pong when they asked about the Beer Pong game going on in the commons area.


Karen S. said...

Amazing and not all that surprising to me, what these kids are into/know these days!

Lisa Shafer said...

Even the kids from non-drinking homes have heard of this now. See, there's this thing called the "internet".......

Lisa Shafer said...

I hope some parent doesn't hit the ceiling over this and call the district.