Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Snorting chocolate milk.

I made a 9th grader shoot milk out his nose today.  He was sitting with a student that was absent yesterday.  When I asked him where he was yesterday the 9th grader said he was in Juvenile Detention, for robbing a bank, in a Taco Bell.  I told him that I have never seen a bank in a Taco Bell and asked him where it was.  He said it was in the bathroom (junior high kids can go from 0 to absurd in milliseconds).

Without thinking I came out with “I don’t think I’d want to swipe my ATM card in a toilet.”   That’s when he laughed so hard milk came out his nose.

When this picture came up as one of my background pictures on my school computer, a student told us that his mom doesn’t want a tombstone over her grave.  She wants her family to put up a parking meter.  Good thing I didn’t have a mouth full of chocolate milk.