Monday, January 14, 2013

Talk about a backlog.

I got an email today with a subject line that just said “Case #204609221”. 

The body of the email identified the sender as The Better Business Bureau and informed me that they were processing a complaint from one of my customers.

Near the end they warn me: “Failure to promptly give attention to this matter may be reflected in the report we give to consumers about your company.  We encourage you to print this complaint (attached file), answer the questions and respond to us.”  (note: “open the attached file” should always be a red flag.)

Red Flag #2 – I would never use my personal email for business purposes, so why did they send it there?

Big-Ass Red Flag #3 – The only business I ever owned went belly-up in June of 1985.

That’s one heck of a back-log, 27½ years.

But the best laugh was when I read the last line in the email:
BBB Serving Metropolitan New York, Long Island and the Mid-Hudson Region

Yup.  Provo, Utah falls under that region.  We often delivered pizza to the students at Brigham Young University of Long Island. 

Uh, yeah.


Lisa Shafer said...

I still occasionally get notices from the IRS for a woman who lived at this address in the 1970s.

Lisa Shafer said...

Hey, if there's BYU Hawaii and BYU Idaho, I'm *sure* there's a BYU Long Island somewhere in the future. Not.