Sunday, January 13, 2013

Yup, you ARE more important than anyone else. I guess.

I was at a funeral Friday night, during the snow storm.  They had ample parking, but it was a short walk from the building.  Which would have been no fun if I hadn’t found a nice, close spot that I could plow my Jeep into.

When the other teacher I went with and I decided it was time to leave and headed out to the parking lot, we couldn’t get out.  Seems that someone decided it was a lot more important for them to be close the front door than it was for three other groups to leave when the felt like it.  He parked his car right behind us.

We had to find a waitress, who told us to look for the guy at the door.  Who wasn’t at the door.  We finally found him, after 10 minutes of looking, and he finally made an announcement to the group.

I guess I should appreciate that he did apologize, but frankly, I find BS apologies more annoying than nothing at all.

“Sorry, I couldn’t find anywhere else to park.”  Uh, you mean to add “where I wouldn’t have to walk a half block in the snow.”?

I can sympathize with not wanting to walk in the snow, but why is it that preventing a 5 minute inconvenience for you is worth causing someone else a 15 minute inconvenience?  Or any inconvenience at all?

Oh, I forgot.  You ARE more important than me.


Karen S. said...

I know, it seems we have a few sad folks that walk (or park) in life as if they are the only people left on earth. Funny he didn't park a bit more to his left, but like you said he apparently is more important than anyone else.

Lisa Shafer said...

Did you take that with your phone? Or did you seriously have your infared camera with you?

PS. Sorry I was less pissed off about this than you were. Guess I was more mellowed out because of the grief issues. Had this happened -say -- at a store, I would've been ranting at him.
You did have every right to be pissed off at the guy.

Max Sartin said...

Yeah, I had my infrared camera with me. It also takes regular pictures, so I carry it when I don't want to haul around the big camera.

Lisa Shafer said...