Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 2

Gotta admit, it’s nice getting done with a day of teaching and not have to go to a second job.

Relaxing, despite staying at school working on the lighting for the dance concert until 4:30.

Still I got to go home, eat a good dinner instead of a bunch of crap food at the Chevron and then sit around playing on the internet.  Much better.


Karen S. said...

Oh for sure! Especially because it seems I hardly see you around blogging it's gonna be great to see you here, or are you Facebooking or twittering...or?!!!

Max Sartin said...

*Facebook: Good for posting/liking/sharing those funny pictures with sayings. That's about it.
*Twitter: There's nothing worth saying to the general public that can be said in 160 characters or less.
I do get on Facebook regularly, but don't spend too much time there, and I haven't accessed my Twitter account in so long I'd probably have to clean off cobwebs before tweeting again.
Yeah, the blogs are where you see me the most.

Karen S. said...

...and we do enjoy that! I don't see your Strong lines....yet....I'll be back! Enjoy your humor-filled day! :)