Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adolescent Faith.

I hung out with a very non-religious group in high school, many people viewed us as a being completely faithless.

Yet, I had (and still have) faith that no matter what, my family will be there for me,

that I could talk my way out of just about anything,

that I was so cool no way any picture of me would ever come back to embarrass me in my 50’s,

that I would make it home safe, even if I was driving like a bat outta hell up a snowy, deserted road to nowhere, in a ‘72 Dodge Colt wagon.

We all had faith that the 7-Eleven guy found our antics as funny as we did,

that we could jump off a table wearing a leash, and it wouldn’t snap our neck,

that our science teacher wouldn’t blow us up with his crazy experiments,

that we’d be friends forever,

that we could do anything, and survive,

and that we could express ourselves freely, however we felt like it.


Lisa Shafer said...

Very nice combo of pics and text there.
(I don't think I know that science teacher. That's not Jivin' Ivan.)

Max Sartin said...

No, Jivin' Ivan had a lot less hair, even when I was there. That was Mr. Munson. (I have a really good story about Jivin' Ivan that I'll have to tell you sometime).

Carmi Levy said...

This was the best trip back I've taken in a while. Thank you seems inadequate: I can't stop smiling at the journey you've taken us on. Love this to bits and pieces. You've proven that faith can indeed have nothing to do with religion. That it's actually a central tenet of life itself.

Alexia said...

what a wonderful post - you've taken such an original slant on the topic. Ah, the illusions/delusions of youth...

Karen S. said...

I miss 7-Elevens! But I sure had fun watching your amazing life unfold right here in my easy spot, especially love your so long hair, and your heart of gold shines through it all. What a neat story to share with us!

Bob Scotney said...

We had a science teacher like that; we've never fogotten him and what he taught us. Great series, Max.