Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to get 2600 hits in one day.

  1. Find a small group of popular bloggers involved in a major (to them) controversy.
  2. Write a post that is diametrically opposed to the group’s point of view.  Your argument will have to be both valid and defensible.  You’ll get a lot of ALL CAPS ANGRY COMMENTS, but see-through bogus arguments won’t rankle any haunches.
  3. Be sure your post has links back to their bickering.  If the group doesn’t get wind of your indiscretion, all your work will be for naught.
  4. Sit back and let the Twitter/blogosphere combo do it’s job.

Bonus points are given when you can do this without even intending to.


Alexia said...

Unbelievable, wasn't it??

Max Sartin said...

Yeah, one of those gotta-laugh, want to cry things.
Much ado about nothing.

Lisa Shafer said...

Funny. I thought of that Much Ado About Nothing idea as well to apply to this tempest in a tea cup. :)