Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The many faces of Max

This is a 2-fer on funny things kids say.

My 7th period is very trying.  Not just because it is the last period of the day, but when other teachers see my class roll, they just shake their heads.

The other day was much like the rest, five or six of them just wouldn’t stop talking and we weren’t getting as much done as I had hoped.  By 7th period I’m also a little tired, and my tolerance level is down a bit.  I got angry.  And talked loud.  Very loud.  The good news is that it’s not so commonplace that the students don’t get a little freaked out when I yell, uh I mean, talk loudly.

They all got real quiet and one of them said, sheepishly, that he get’s a little scared when I yell talk loudly like that.

The kid right next to me looks up at me and says to me “I peed a little.” (He was just kidding.)

Still frustrated with the class, but I couldn’t help myself – I burst out laughing.

That’s when kid #1 says “What’s with the mood swings?

Yeah, I can go from being really ticked off to laughing pretty quick when something funny happens.  Can’t help it.  But in my opinion, mood swings that are caused by external stimuli are not “mood swings”, they’re just letting funny things be funny.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. (paraphrased from the opening song from “MONK”.)


Karen S. said...

I totally agree! BUT! I have to shake my head at those teachers who shook theirs. This is a true story. My daughter's BF ever was a child all adults wouldn't have around, too wild, too unbehaved, and once she formed a petition to have a child removed from their grade-school because she didn't like him. (Lesson later well learned!) I was the only mom who saw through the silly mood swings,the loud destructions, and loved this girl as much as my daughter. Can you guess today what she does? She will be taking her vows as a NUN! in a couple of months. More power to you Max for being able to make a difference in a kid's life!

Lisa Shafer said...

Glad you don't seem to get in trouble for posting funny things your students do/say.

Max Sartin said...

Fortunately very few, if any, know that I have a blog - one of the benefits of being new at the school.