Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mistaken Identity

The kids in 1st period know that my dad is a math professor and they think his name  is, as they put it, “a really sic name.”  One of my students asked me today if I would print off a picture of Hugo so he could use it for an art project, and while I was looking for a good one I showed them a few old family photos.  This one is of my great-grandparents.

When I put the picture on the screen one of the students called out “Didn’t they pose for that picture with the pitchfork?

(courtesy of

Uh, not quite, but the fact that this 12 year old was even aware of this famous painting was surprising enough.


Lisa Shafer said...

So was it indeed your dad who wrote the letter to the editor not too long ago?
DP thought it was you using another pseudonym, but I told her your letters to the editor have always been in your own name. I told her I thought Hugo was your dad. Was I right?

And why is Hugo a "sic" name? I don't get it.

Nice American Gothic, by the way.

Max Sartin said...

Yeah, that would have been my dad, I always use my real name when I send in to the Editor.
As for the name, not sure why they think it's a great name, but they did.

Karen S. said...

Hello Max "Where are You now!" ????Have you been locked up at school? Or lost somewhere in the mountains (with camera) oh joy that would be cool! I've missed seeing you around posted a Singles TP on Carmi (who also goes into hiding) perhaps you guys are having a cup of coffee somewhere?! LOL and then gone into hiding! Come back please!

Was it something I said???? I hope's an idea!

Karen S. said...

It does rock that they knew, maybe they saw it on the Corn Flakes box too! It's kind of a could be idea though! In your grandparent's younger days right!

Max Sartin said...

Karen - Great song, I'm going to have to post it sometime. I do think about all the people that have come and gone, in and out of my life and wonder what they are up to. And like he says - they helped make me who I am now.
And no, it wasn't anything you said. I've just been busy wrapping up things at my second job, getting things going at school and migrating my website to a new server. Fun stuff like that.

Karen S. said...

That's so good to know! You are one of my oldest and dearest blogging friends here, and I hate to never blog with you! Hopefully our dear blogging friend Alexia will join us after life settles down again for her.... I know with their fall coming and winter (even though hers is so much better then say mine or even yours) she doesn't care for winter!

Max Sartin said...

I'm with Alexia on that, not a big fan of winter. If it just weren't so cold.
As for blogging, I don't plan on disappearing from the scene for quite a while.