Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I’m famous (sorta).

If you know my writer friend, Lisa Shafer, you know that I’ve been helping her with the covers to some of her books.

Her book, “Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire” has been published and I got a couple free copies (along with some great meals) for my help with the cover.  I donated one of my copies to the library at my school, the other one I’m reading during DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time in 1st period.

One of the characters is based on me as a teacher, and even though I’ve given the author a hard time about some of his characteristics, it’s kind of an ego boost.  Especially when one of the students that checked out a copy from the library shows me the book and says “You’re in here!” or calls me by the character’s name.  Cool.

I was teaching this week when the kids started chuckling as I’m explaining how to find the equation for a line from a table of points.  Not one of the funnier subjects in a Pre-Algebra book, I asked one of them what was so funny.  I was told to put my back to the whiteboard, lean a little bit forward and talk.  Every time I turned to look at the shadow I was casting, it lost it’s funny shape.  So I got one of the students to take a picture of it so I could see what was so funny.

The sunset Monday night.


Lisa Shafer said...

I sent that pic out to the entire English dept, the librarian, and your favorite math dept. head today!
However, I got the proof of the sequel in the mail today, and it STILL has freakin' cover issues!!! Those stupid white stripes are still there, and the back type is nearly running off the page horizontally instead of vertically this time. Ugh!
Got some time to help again soon?

Otherwise, your sunset photos are always gorgeous.
And, "The Shadow Knows" -- or maybe "The Shadow Nose." :)

Max Sartin said...

Sunday would work for me again this week. We may need to download a new template for the exact amount of pages.

Lisa Shafer said...

Sundays are bad for me. Maybe we'll have to wait another week for a Saturday that works for you.
I still have to work on reviewing the text part anyway.

Max Sartin said...

No problem. Just let me know when you're ready and we'll figure out when.

Lisa Shafer said...

You rock. :)

The Gearheads said...

That shadow is reminiscent of the Alfred Hitchcock silhouette.