Sunday, November 06, 2011

Shirley, you jest?

I always thought all the crap that people left laying around, and on, the pumps at the Chevron was because of laziness or a total lack of giving a crap.  But I found out differently today.

Study the picture carefully. Can you tell where the trash goes? 

I was out sweeping up the gum wrappers, receipts and cigarette butts out by the pumps today.  I saw a guy walking around lost, with a couple empty water bottles in his hand.  I pushed the flap open and said “here ya go”.  He thanked me and tossed the two bottles in the trash.

We didn’t have a huge, long conversation but he came across as a normally intelligent person.  Which makes me wonder if all those bottles, packages and receipts sitting on the pumps are not due to a total lack of consideration, but simply because for some reason they just can’t see the trash bins.

So, I ask your help.  Are they really that hard to see, or are these people just not looking?  I’ve changed them so many times that I honestly can’t tell whether or not they just blend in.


Lisa Shafer said...

No, some people are just stupid. That's all there is to it. Remember how sometimes at parent-teacher conference, when you meet certain parents, everything about their kid is suddenly explained? Yeah, well, those are the folks that can't find the trash bins.

Karen S. said...

Sometimes I think some things have become more difficult instead of easier for SOME people. It's like when they installed self-flushing toilets at my children's first thought (and still my belief) is now they/children/some adults expect all toilets everywhere to self-flush and now these children in life sadly won't (okay not all but far too many children) will not learn how to flush a toilet...kind of the same rule as we/they need to learn to throw away our own trash!..ah life's little lessons along the's funny though how some little ones (ages 1-3) will go through hoops to find a trash bin, but the older ones...really don't bother...Have you seen that Max?

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I love that they're actually labeled trash and still people can't see them!

Max said...

Karen - see that all the time doing lunch duty at the junior high. Unless you let them play basketball and try to throw their trash halfway across the cafeteria, they will happily just leave it there on the table. Then there are the other ones that will clean up after themselves and the other kids on their table.