Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have to admit that I thought of these because of Writer’s wax paper picture.

One of my roommates from a few years ago found these when he was unpacking things he inherited from his grandmother.  He was going to throw them out and I asked for them, ‘cause I thought they were cool, and still do.01

I wonder how many megapixels this one has?02

Whoa! 23¢ a pound. They must be incredible steaks.03

We get a dollar for a chocolate donut at the Chevron.04

Broken fingernails really distract from those yellow, nicotine stained fingers, don’t they?05

That’s the dealership that owned the building the original Free Wheeler Pizza was in.06

There’s the exact spot.07

Brand new hot water heating plant.  Cooooll.08

Not a whole lot of farm land left in that area, mostly housing subdivisions and strip malls. 09

How long has it been since there has actually been a Society Section?10

I’ve seen The Wizard of Oz dozens of times, just never in the theater.11

And finally, beer brewed in Utah?  Nahhh.12

For more classic pictures, click on the banner below.TP



A Paperback Writer Photos said...

These are freakin' AWESOME!
Way to oudo me, Max!
I love the little article about Mrs. Auerbach in the farmland pic. That was quite the important family back in the day. I remember Auerbach's department store -- long gone, of course.
And a house for $5500. Wow. Just wow. You can barely get a decent used car for that now.
Some of the artwork reminds me of the stuff my dad used to draw for advertising. Of course, in 1939, he was still in high school, so he wasn't doing any of these ads!
These are really great!

Alexia said...

So interesting Max - love the pics and your entertaining commentary.

My mother kept the local newspaper from the day I was born... I sometimes get it out and have a look at it.

Great idea for the theme!

Max said...

Writer - That would have been really cool, if they had been a decade or two later and had some of your dad's artwork.
Glad you and Alexia liked them, glad your wax paper reminded me of them!

Karen S. said...

So cool! I knew you'd bring out the unexpected... and gee do I enjoy every thing you posted...I only wish (ha ha) that when I shop for Thanksgiving the prices will be like yours posted! This rocks Max, thanks!

Max said...

Karen - thanks, and I'm with you - if only the prices were still current. If only.

Bob Scotney said...

WWii wasn't very old when the first clip was published. You have me wondering about the Nazi firing squad.
You did well to get your hands on these.

Karen S. said...

For sure if only....and I should get on the program and post a classic too! My first thought was to take a photo of a phone booth...and crazy thing is I haven't run across one yet in the last couple of days.....! Hope you are having a great week!

Max said...

Bob - Here ya go, the first few paragraphs of that article. Glad you liked the set and happy to help quash your wondering.
Karen - Figures, doesn't it. When you're not looking for a phone booth they're everywhere you look. Want a picture of one and all of a sudden they seem to have disappeared. Good luck.