Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Real or retaliation? What’s your opinion?

Here’s the scenario: You’re checking out the reviews on a local restaurant on three different review sites..
On the first site, the 10 reviews average out to 3½ stars out of 5, the same was true for the 7 reviews at the second site.  Over at  the third site, 46 people voted and 84% liked the restaurant.
You scroll down and read these negative reviews:

Bertha K. 1 review

I see that a bad review of [this restaurant] was deleted. Perhaps that person went too far or it got too personal for this site. As a paying customer, let me state that this is a fact. I personally have witnessed mice scurrying around [this restaurant]. This is why I refuse to ever think about ordering a pizza from them again. In the past, they made a fairly good pie, but, now their pies get very soupy and their sourdough is quite bland. They also have some of the most unkempt, filthy employees I have ever seen, whether you are picking up or getting delivery. In addition, the accommodations for dining onsite are atrocious, with sparse seating and tables and a very casual, dare I say, unprofessional environment. Poor service and a devil-may-care ambience more suited to tattooing that family dining. I looked past a few of these unsavory items in the past, but when I saw the mice it was adios for me.

SLC's Worst Pizza
by yodlewoman
What a sad day that slacker expressionism enters the workplace. It makes for a revolting dining experience. No hairnets, unlaundered clothing (notice I didn't say uniforms), and a could-care-less attitude. If that wasn't bad enough, read on.
On to the cuisine. I use the word cuisine liberally. The pizza dough was so lacking in taste, I almost thought it was not sourdough. I ordered a combo and came away extremely dissatisfied. The cheese on top didn't adhere to the toppings, which included uncooked green peppers and rotting mushrooms. I ate one piece and had to throw the rest out. Unfortunately, or unfortunately, I could not return the pie because I did not even contemplate dining there--that's the fortunate part.

November 9, 2011
This Place Is God Awful!!
by Min Rentals (1 review)

Dude, this pie place is for the birds, yeah I threw my flattened, frozen pizza out my window to the pigeons below. Delivery was a joke! Dude was unconcerned that he was over 30 minutes late. I also ordered the garlic balls and they came cold and greasy, like they were used to clean up the BP Gulf oil spill. After eating just one of those things, I felt like I was one of those sea birds and that I needed some mild dish detergent and a good scrubbing. Try anything else. Hell, go get a Fruschetta's or a Red Baron and save some money--your taste buds will thank you.

by FredHere
I have gotten more cold, watery, flavorless pizzas from [this restaurant] than any other pizza place in SLC. The phone help was rude. The delivery guys could care less. Used to be good some time ago, but now it's just seems to be a failing enterprise. I finally learned my lesson after getting pretty sick. Avoid this place like the plague!!

by muchwind
Ordered the garlic rolls, a salad, and a combo pizza. Came delivered with the cheese stuck to the box and cold...ABOUT 40 MIINUTES LATE!! The pizza dough was tasteless. The toppings were minimal, to say the least. Sauce was meh! I ate about half a slice (it tasted as bad as it looked) and tried to pass it off to my roommates, but they not-so-politely declined. You see, they had been trying to eat a garlic roll and decided they were better off eating drywall. The salad? Wilted, slimy, and starting to turn. Unfortunately, too late to call them back once it finally got to me; I'll have to let it go and vow never to eat this junk again. [this restaurant] is an unholy mess!
Go anywhere else. [this restaurant] seems more like a prison chow line than a reputable, family dining experience.

November 21, 2011
Well, I Never...
by Whiteflower (1 review)

I order a pesto chicken special with artichoke hearts late one friday night, thinking it would be a gourmet delight, as their ads and website had promised...was I surprised! I'm not sure what their recipe for pesto includes, but the chunky bitter mess I tasted hardly qualifies as "gourmet." In addition, the chicken was barely warm; quite a food disaster, if you ask me! and, the red onions included part of the peel...ick! Poor quality control abounds!! I will never order again.

Dave K. 1 review

I had the big wheel.  It's their version of a combination pie.  It is so bad!  Just drenched with water from all the undercooked toppings.  Salad was barely passable.  Service was on the apathetic side of things.  Everything is overpriced.  Poor to mediocre all the way around.  I would not recommend [this restaurant].

by sychoplant
These bad reviews are spot on!! I don't eat at [this restaurant] anymore, cause it is just such a terrible experiense! The food is horrible and expensive! People there look slobby and shabby! Why do you trust the good reviews?! They could be just as bogus as Wilhelm says the bad reviews are. See for yourself--yes!! But, wait a few months when they can revert to their normal selves, dirty uniforms, really bad food, and really lazy service!!! This pizza place is so bad!

I’m just curious about people’s reactions to these kinds of reviews.  Please let me know your first impressions after reading them, both individually and in tandem.  I will post your comments anonymously if you ask me to.   Thank you for helping me with this little bit of social research.

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Lisa Shafer said...

You know, I've never really read any restaurant reviews before. I read lots and lots of book reviews and I read product reviews before I buy something. Usually I find that if one looks at a large selection of reviews, one can generally get a feel for the truth of the matter. I suppose that would be true for food places as well.