Friday, November 11, 2011

Gone, white and now red.

I’ve had my head shaved at school when the student body met a goal on our fundraiser.

Yeah, went to Mohawk first, before the complete shave.

I bleached my hair blond at another school for career day, so I could come as the science teacher that the kids kept calling by my name and me by his.

And now, today I went red, University of Utah red.

Our students collected over 1,200 cans and boxes of food for the food pantry.  Each can or box counted as a vote for either The University of Utah or Brigham Young University, depending on who the donor wanted to vote for.

Students got to wear the logo of the winning University today, and I agreed to color my hair to match.  U of U red or BYU blue.  Well, the U of U won, some 700 cans to 500 cans, so I painted my hair red.  The kids loved it, the other teachers were highly amused.  Even the principal got a chuckle out of it.  And I got to act like a kid again.  Fun day.


Lisa Shafer said...

Is it the wash-out sort of dye? Or will you be red for awhile?
Really glad you didn't have to become a zoobie. :)

Max said...

Yeah, all washed out already, and even the stuff that rubbed off on the collar of my shirt.
And ditto to the no-blue sentiment, would hurt to walk around with that colored hair.

Lisa Shafer said...

I just now realized where you were blond and who that science teacher is. Duh.
I never thought of him as blond, though. Hmmmm...

Alexia said...

And very fine you look as a red-head too! Good on you Max, the kids love it when we teachers do stuff like this :)

Lisa Shafer said...

It may amuse you to know that for an assembly just before Thanksgiving to celebrate the gathering of 5000 cans for our school food drive, our school's English Dept Head, whom you know and love, had to kiss a pig. A real, live pig provided by the math teacher who used to be across the hall from you when you were at my school.
At least all you did was dye your hair.....:)

Max said...

Mmmm, kiss a pig? Yeah, I like pork and all, but not so much kissing a live pig.

Lisa Shafer said...

I didn't actually get to see it, since I was stuck with detention kids, but I hear it was pretty funny.